Saturday, August 4, 2012

Desk Make-over

I did a lot of things differently this year when it came to decorating and setting up my room, and I was really excited about it! But one thing continued to bug me- my desk! Oh my gosh it was so ugly, army green and straight out of the 1970s.  Something had to be done, it definitely did not match the rest of my room.  Everyone knows I love the cheapest (and cutest) solution to a problem; well I found a coupon for Duck Tape. I was amazed at how many patterns and colors there were to choose from!!  I found one that matched the decor of my room; I just needed to figure out what else I could use. So using a little inspiration from Amy's file cabinet re-do, I considered fabric to wrap the desk.  However our nearest fabric store is 45 minutes away- very frustrating!! Then I remembered we have rolls of vinyl in the storage room at school.  I use it for my bulletin boards, but most of the good colors are gone.  I really wanted black, but had to settle for white (it still turned out pretty cute).  So using some free vinyl and a $3 roll of Duck Tape , I came up with this:

-Andrea :)

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