Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Andrea's Classroom Tour

Here are few pics of my room!

This is the board where I keep track of book reports and discipline.  One half is titled Star Readers and the other half Star Students.  You can also see my oil drip magnet board for building words to the right.  The rules above the board can be found here

My calendar/ group area.  I have a polka dot rug for the kids to sit on.  It works out really well because each kid has their own "spot"!

This is where I meet with students and behind it you can see my reading corner as well as my word wall.  The popcorn boxes were another Pinterest find.

This is the door to the closet I share with the teacher next door.  I don't know what I would do without the closet or Jenny, the teacher next door!

A view of our cubbies and the shelves that house Literacy and Math centers. This is also where I  display the "masterpieces" my little dears make me.  The colored clocks (a Target dollar spot find) are set to the times the kiddos constantly ask about -specials, lunch, recess and home!

This is my desk area.  Behind it you can see my copy holder- I have one slot for  each day of the week.  It is a life saver!  The multi-colored drawers house my calendar stuff!

This is the door to bathroom ( I have a love/hate relationship with it- it's convenient, but it smells a little funky!!!)  I keep track of those that can count to 100 and those that can tie shoes on here.  I found those cute signs on Pinterest of course!  There are so many generous and creative people out there!

This is the board outside of my room.  It says "There's a Spot For You on Our Learning Safari."  I wanted to be able to have some polka dots and keep with our school-wide theme!

I love these Good Listener rules.  You can find them  here

I tried to give credit where credit was due by linking to the printables I have used in my room.  If  I missed something I apologize!  


  1. Grammar police: you should have stated "where credit was DUE" instead of "do"

  2. Very very colorful! The kids'll love it!! Great job!!

    A. Wendy