Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Crafty

Let's try this picture thing!

Andrea and I have been feeling rather creative lately, and we got together with our Cricut, some vinyl, a hot glue gun and some paint - basically all the crafting necessities!
Something you should know about us is that we are both fairly addicted to Pinterest (what teacher isn't!), and while doing my daily, OK hourly, scroll through the education section, I stumbled upon a "No Name" board, which I can totally put to use in a Math classroom.  So I called up my sister and our craft day had begun!  We first decided to make some modifications to the board I "pinned" - First, came the title, I am known for my always hilarious sarcasm, and "Missing Something", just seemed more appropriate- Second, I teach three different classes of Math and have become somewhat of a color coding fool - I have a "green" class, a "blue" class and a "yellow" class - so we added buttons across the tops of my clothespins to insure that myself and my students would know which class these papers had come from.  We then broke out the Cricut and cut some fun letters and stars, and finished it up by hot gluing a fun ribbon on the back for it to hang from.



  1. Proud of you two. Let me know if you need help:-)

    My piece of advice...start a Facebook Fan Page too.

  2. I am so excited to follow your blog! YAY!!!