Monday, July 23, 2012

Turn It In!

Teaching Math to three different classes along with a Social Studies and a Science class, makes having an organized turn in station, pretty important.  I decided this year I needed one central location for all the baskets and trays I have for collecting homework, as well as the fact that it needed to be on a table that sat lower to the ground, in order for the shelf I have to be an appropriate height.  So what better table to use then a coffee table!  I actually had this old drab wooden table in my basement, but it was orginially purchased from a resale shop for $10.

I sanded the table, added a couple coats of black paint, and finished it off with what else but my Cricut and some colorful vinyl. 

Now I have the perfect turn in station where my kids can hand in their homework and daily math folders, as well as see if they might be "Missing Something"!


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