Friday, July 27, 2012

Smart Choices

I saw on Pinterest recently a super cute idea- Kiss Your Brain and Hug Your Heart.  I thought this was really clever-  Hershey Kisses for smart academic choices and Hershey Hugs for good social choices.  I however have decided to combine these two things and just have one container titled "Smart Choices."  I plan to fill the container with Smarties and hand out one individual candy when a student is making a smart choice- academically or socially.  I think this will work well for me because I already use this language in my classroom.  I try to consistently remind my students that things happen because of their choices:  Are you making a good choice? or I'm sorry you made a poor choice or Suzie has made a great choice by reading quietly. Also I am not a fan of Smarties so I won't want to eat the whole container like I would if it was chocolate ;)!!!

-Andrea :)

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  1. Very cute idea!! But how can you not like Smarties? HA